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ToxEraser Cosmetics is a JAVA application that works on every operating system (Windows/Linux/Mac) supporting Java.
Before proceeding, please check what version of Java is installed in your OS and if the JAVA_PATH environment variable is correctly set (for further details, please refer to Oracle documentation).

ToxEraser Cosmetics works with Java 8 or OpenJDK Java 11+: depending on what version is installed or set in your operative system please follow the instructions below:

JAVA 8: Download and unpack the zipped file. To start the application, move to the application folder and run the file starter.bat (on Windows platforms) or (on Linux platforms).

OPEN JDK JAVA 11 or greater: Download and unpack the zipped file. To start the application you can just run the file ToxEraserGUI-0.8.3.jar. On most systems, it is enough to double-click it. If you are not able to directly run it, open a command line window (like Command Prompt on Windows systems or BASH shell on Linux), move to the application folder and type:

java -jar ToxEraserGUI-0.8.3.jar

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